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Ra Pendant (Portfolio)
Ra Pendant (Portfolio)


Product Code: PD1328C2


Ra Pendant (Portfolio) - PD1328C2

I used to make demons for my dad for his birthday and Christmas (Azmodious, Beelzebub, et al).

Originally they were in precious metals and gem stones.

Later when he moved to the old folks home I switched to making them in paper mache.

One year I decided his demons needed a universe in which to romp. That Christmas I made my dad a moon and stars in fine silver and a sun in 14kt yellow gold and peridot.

He particularly liked Ra. Who wouldn't since Ra was an Egyptian representation of the 'Sun God'.

My dad treasured that piece until the day he died. I still have them, but have no interest in selling any of his 'demons' or 'Ra' them.

I would remake a piece like Ra if a customer wanted it.

The piece is eye-catching and very attractive. One of my assistance has requested we do a production piece of this in Sterling Silver with blue gemstone eyes.

So if you would like something like this please contact me at Bryan@BryanJohnson.ca to discuss what you would like and get a quote.

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