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Adeola Anklet Adeola Anklet

The Nigerian name 'Adeola' means 'crown of honour'.

Halo and Wings Anklet Halo and Wings Anklet

At this time I have none of these in stock at  the studio but if you would like one or would like a Bracelet in this same pattern, please contact our sales department to place an order.  Sales@BryanJohnson.ca

Alysia Anklet Alysia Anklet

'Captivating' is the meaning of the name of the anklet, Alysia, which is Greek in origin. I think that particularly suits this beautiful piece.

Aaliyah Braclet Aaliyah Braclet

Aaliyah is both Hebrew & Arabic meaning 'Highest or Exaulted'.

Traumfische Broach (Portfolio) Traumfische Broach (Portfolio)

It's the first basse taille piece I've done in some while. Basse taille is the technique of using transparent enamels to show a pattern in the underlying metal.

Victrice Broach (Portfolio) Victrice Broach (Portfolio)

I am very proud of this broach. It took a long time to make, but it was worth it.

Tiffany Triangle Broach (Portfolio) Tiffany Triangle Broach (Portfolio)

My friend Tiffany wanted to make a statement of her chosen lifestyle.

Grisaille Skull Broach (Portfolio) Grisaille Skull Broach (Portfolio)

I was really happy with the way some of the whites caught the colour and texture of old bone.

Paw Print Broach (Portfolio) Paw Print Broach (Portfolio)

This is a really unique piece that was immensely satisfying to make. I know it will make its owner very proud.

Vanessa Broach (Portfolio) Vanessa Broach (Portfolio)

This is a commissioned piece I made for a local man for his wife's Christmas present. He commissioned me to make it in July so that it would be ready for sure by Christmas. How sweet is that?

Industrial Slave Bracelet Industrial Slave Bracelet

This distinctive bracelet is designed to be worn on the left hand.

Ladder Bracelet Ladder Bracelet

I hope this bracelet will help you choose, define, and maintain your own identity in your day to day life, too.

Inner Circle Bracelet Inner Circle Bracelet

The piece turned out even better than I had imagined.

Ellipse Bracelet Ellipse Bracelet

The design for the basic link of this bracelet has been in the back of my mind for a few years now. It finally got made and I love it!

Sarika Bracelet Sarika Bracelet

This 'tennis-style' bracelet just drips high quality garnets.

Isa Bracelet Isa Bracelet

Isa is also a female name meaning 'iron' in Teutonic, 'rainbow' in Chamoru. Chamoru.  The Chamoru people, are the indigenous people of the Mariana Islands.

Kalama Bracelet Kalama Bracelet

The name is an Hawaiian name meaning 'flaming torch.' And it is so shiny and beautiful it really suits the name.

Swoopy Bracelet Swoopy Bracelet

This bracelet has a very solid feel to it and yet is also delicate and simple.I really like the way this turned out, in fact, it turned out even better than my vision.

Oryza Bracelet Oryza Bracelet

This bracelet is 7 oval disks with a finished pattern on it resembling grains of rice and on the centre disk there is an offset faceted round gemstone to highlight the piece.

Hazan Bracelet Hazan Bracelet

The colours reminded me of autumn and Hazan is a Turkish name meaning 'autumn.' The rich colours and patterns in the stones really make this piece very eye-catching.

Anais Bracelet Anais Bracelet

This is my first beaded style of bracelet that does not contain any base metals.

April Bracelet April Bracelet

This bracelet is about Spring colours.

Armilla Bracelet Armilla Bracelet

The Latin word, Armilla, means 'A Bracelet'.

Zombiesque Cufflinks Zombiesque Cufflinks

I think they're the scariest looking jewellery I've made in quite some while.

Industrial Oval Cufflinks Industrial Oval Cufflinks

These cuff links are a very successful in the way they connote the more refined aspects of modern industry.

Rigid Collar Rigid Collar

The band of the collar is made of solid 1mm thick sterling silver while the decorative piece is sculpted in fine silver.

Reversible Collar (Portfolio) Reversible Collar (Portfolio)

This interesting piece is a man's collar a client designed for her boyfriend.

Terra Earrings and Necklace Set (Portfolio) Terra Earrings and Necklace Set (Portfolio)

This is a set from my 'texturized period', so the pieces are covered in an interesting three dimensional erratic pattern.  The set consist of a pair of earrings and a matching pendant on a collar style necklace.

Nerida Earring and Pendant Set (Portfolio) Nerida Earring and Pendant Set (Portfolio)

The ammonite in this piece makes this rather a one of kind item but something in a similar style would be attainable; email me for a quote.

Bar None Earrings (Portfolio) Bar None Earrings (Portfolio)

This design gives a beautifully feminine feel to what is essentially a hardcore industrial design.