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Bryan Johnson Creations specializes in creating unique jewellery that inspires.

Our contemporary and classic jewellery collections offer styles for all occasions and personalities. Our goal is to provide quality craftsmanship, affordable prices and the highest integrity to our clients.

We pride ourselves on producing tomorrow's heirlooms, today.


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Just Plain Freakier Pendant Just Plain Freakier Pendant

This is a really funky pendant. It is a collaborative piece with my friend, Michael Meadows.

Naveen Ring (Portfolio) Naveen Ring (Portfolio)

This setting is also available in Sterling Silver with a number of other gem choices.

Aduor Earrings Aduor Earrings

These earrings get compliments every time.

Our Price: $39.95
Teapot Earrings Teapot Earrings

In fact they might just be cute to the max. They are made with pink jade and sterling silver.

Our Price: $49.95
Fuschia Flower Pendant Fuschia Flower Pendant

The flower symbolism associated with the fuchsia is confiding love.

Our Price: $49.95
Curly-Q Ring Curly-Q Ring

The curves on this make it a fascinating ring and beautiful piece.

Our Price: $54.95
Serpentine Snake Pendant Serpentine Snake Pendant

There is a carved image of a snake on the shape of a serpentine twist of a snake-like piece of sterling silver.   It even has a two-bead rattle at the tail.

Our Price: $59.95
Seahorse Earrings in Silver Seahorse Earrings in Silver

This is one of my favourite sets of earrings.

Our Price: $69.95
Ibis Earrings Ibis Earrings

This is a gorgeous set of earrings that would be perfect for anyone with an interest in nature or ancient Egypt.

Our Price: $69.95
Hosen Earring Hosen Earring

This are a digital tribe design but also have an elegant, comtemporary look to them.Hosen is a Hebrew word meaning striped.  This piece suits the name very well.

Our Price: $69.95
Tessa Pendant Tessa Pendant

I have always liked the shape of a triangle because it follows the three fold rule.

Our Price: $69.95
Lady Slipper Earrings Lady Slipper Earrings

These are the earrings to complete the Lady Slipper set of pendant and bracelet.

Our Price: $79.95
Koi Fish Earrings Koi Fish Earrings

These beautiful little earrings compliment the fishy pendant.

Our Price: $89.95
Classic Gothic Pendant Classic Gothic Pendant

Everyone who sees it loves this pendant.

Our Price: $89.95
Vania Pendant Vania Pendant

his is another of our bent jig series created by my assistant.  It is a elongated oval with a pretty, large white quartz stone mounted on the left side about one-third from the base of the piece.

Our Price: $89.95
Promise Ring Promise Ring

This ring would make a lovely promise ring or anniversary ring with the 'Two' theme.

Our Price: $89.95
Macaw Pendant (with Garnet) Macaw Pendant (with Garnet)

The model for this piece was Lillith, my scarlet macaw and apple of my eye.

Our Price: $99.95
Lady Slipper Pendant Lady Slipper Pendant

I was looking to make something nice and pretty without being too complex.

Our Price: $99.95
Tribal Broach in Sterling Silver Tribal Broach in Sterling Silver

It is a good representation of the process of moving from a place of pain and roughness to an entirely different place of serenity, calm and self acceptance.

Our Price: $119.95
Industrial Round Cufflinks Industrial Round Cufflinks

This is the first set in the series. I quite like the way they turned out.

Our Price: $129.95
Seahorse Pendant Seahorse Pendant

I have always wanted to have a seahorse as a pet. They're such fascinating little creatures.

Our Price: $129.95
Free Form Ring Free Form Ring

The band is rich with organic free form shapes.

Our Price: $129.95
Swoopy Pin Swoopy Pin

The piece contains eye-catching curves that are pleasantly calming and yet strong.

Our Price: $149.95
Ganieda Ring Ganieda Ring

This is my version of an industrial classic.

Our Price: $164.95
Fleur de Lys silver and Garnet Broach Fleur de Lys silver and Garnet Broach

The French Flag or Banner, has a stylised lily, 'the lily of the flag' on it in golden yellow on a blue background.  So, I have named this piece, 'ori' for gold and 'flambe' for flame,:'Oriflambe'.

Our Price: $169.95
Oval Bling Pendant with peach moonstone and white quartz Oval Bling Pendant with peach moonstone and white quartz

I love the way the series of three sizes of Garnet gemstones along the side really take this piece above the norm to classic in style.

Our Price: $189.95
Oval Bling Pendant with onyx and garnet Oval Bling Pendant with onyx and garnet

I love the way the series of white quatz gemstones along the side really take this piece above the norm to classic in style.

Our Price: $189.95
Grid Necklace Grid Necklace

Very cool industrial grid design in a 42mm disc of fine silver hung off an 18 inch sterling neck wire.

Our Price: $199.95
Textured Donut Pendant Textured Donut Pendant

I really like the repeat of the pattern being circle, too.  A circular hole in a circle covered with circles.

Our Price: $199.95
Poseidon Ring Poseidon Ring

This ring was inspired by the image of Poseidon's trident.

Our Price: $249.95