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Weddings & Other Rites of Passage Gallery

This is gallery is all about pieces celebrating the moments that celebrate the events of our lives.

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If you have an event or Rite of Passage you need to make just that extra special, we have something to help you mark the day or occasion. If we don't' have something you see and love, give us some details and we will make it for you.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for any celebration in your life please contact me at:


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To for Tacker Pendant To for Tacker Pendant

The piece is very simple but also very elegant and the customer was very pleased with the final product.

Bird Jaguar Ring Bird Jaguar Ring

In this nice big ring I was exploring how small I could produce the details in jewellery.

Nuala Ring Nuala Ring

If you like large stones, particularly haematite (as pictured), this is the ring for you.

Naveen Ring (Portfolio) Naveen Ring (Portfolio)

This setting is also available in Sterling Silver with a number of other gem choices.

Seminole Demon Ring (Portfolio) Seminole Demon Ring (Portfolio)

I really like the way this one turned out. This little demon just overflows with character.

Alliance Ring (Portfolio) Alliance Ring (Portfolio)

The ring is band is 14K gold and has a rounded, bumpy texture in contrast to the straight edge of the ruby.  (This item is archived and not for sale)

Tetragon Texture Earrings Tetragon Texture Earrings

These are fairly heavy and have a solid feel to them.  And the reversed bubble texture is an opposite contrasting element to the plain untextured rectangular shape.I like the way all these came out.

Our Price: $49.95
Promise Ring Promise Ring

This ring would make a lovely promise ring or anniversary ring with the 'Two' theme.

Our Price: $89.95
Industrial Round Cufflinks Industrial Round Cufflinks

This is the first set in the series. I quite like the way they turned out.

Our Price: $129.95
Gothic Gallantry Ring Gothic Gallantry Ring

This is definitely a ring for a child of the night.

Our Price: $129.95
Vicky Cameo Pendant Vicky Cameo Pendant

I have always loved art nouveau. Karl Faberge and Rene LeLique are two of my personal heroes.

Our Price: $189.95
Faina Earrings Faina Earrings

It always amazes me that something this simple can be this beautiful and this valuable.

Our Price: $399.95
Duchess Tiara Duchess Tiara

It would make a prefect gift for someone looking to complete a Heraldry or Gothic outfit or just to show the world the kind of person who wears a tiara.  This piece would also suit a 'Duke', too.

Our Price: $589.95
Innovation Pendant Innovation Pendant

The piece has a number of layers to it but it gives it such dimension and depth that the fussing and time required to get the effect was worth the final result.

Our Price: $599.95
Fever 2 Ring Fever 2 Ring

This silver industrial ring features a very open design. ...Each 'rivet' is finished with a beautiful round pink tourmaline.

Our Price: $899.95
Princess Perfect Tiara Princess Perfect Tiara

This is a one of a kind piece that will make your favourite princess' day.

Our Price: $1,399.95
Garhariet Ring Garhariet Ring

This stone is 100% natural and untreated despite it's unique appearance.

Our Price: $1,799.95