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Pin & Broach Showcase

This is the gallery where you will find my pins and broaches. Most of these pieces are custom designs or commissions. I think some of my best work is showcased here.

Few things make as visible a statement as a pin or broach. So, if you don't see what you're looking for in one of the galleries; that is a good thing. Just ask us about it and we will be happy to make anything you want.


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Tribal Broach in Sterling Silver Tribal Broach in Sterling Silver

It is a good representation of the process of moving from a place of pain and roughness to an entirely different place of serenity, calm and self acceptance.

Our Price: $119.95
Antler Broach in Sterling Silver and Onyx Antler Broach in Sterling Silver and Onyx

It has a very solid clasp on it and I chose to highlight the piece by setting an onyx in the centre of it.

Our Price: $139.95
Swoopy Pin Swoopy Pin

The piece contains eye-catching curves that are pleasantly calming and yet strong.

Our Price: $149.95
Fleur de Lys silver and Garnet Broach Fleur de Lys silver and Garnet Broach

The French Flag or Banner, has a stylised lily, 'the lily of the flag' on it in golden yellow on a blue background.  So, I have named this piece, 'ori' for gold and 'flambe' for flame,:'Oriflambe'.

Our Price: $169.95
Rhodos Broach Rhodos Broach

It is a one of a kind piece, but if it calls to you, I could make something similar.

Our Price: $249.95
Monstrous Skull Broach Monstrous Skull Broach

This piece is very big.  And very scary.  And very decorative. And very unique.  This piece is a skull among skulls.

Our Price: $679.95
Sale Price: $479.95
Savings: $200.00