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Rings & Things Showcase

Welcome to my gallery of rings. Here you will find a collection of rings for sale.

I love making rings so these are made from a variety of materials using an ever expanding range of techniques. When I learn a new technique the learning is not complete until I have made at least a couple of rings using that new technique.

If you like a ring which is the wrong size for you, chances are I can remake the ring in your size. Similarly, I can also remake rings using different metals or stones.

As ever, if you don't see what you're looking for in the galleries please feel free to contact us and discuss making something unique for your pleasure. Ask us about it and we will be happy to make anything you want.


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Naveen Ring (Portfolio) Naveen Ring (Portfolio)

This setting is also available in Sterling Silver with a number of other gem choices.

Curly-Q Ring Curly-Q Ring

The curves on this make it a fascinating ring and beautiful piece.

Our Price: $54.95
Swoopy Ring Swoopy Ring

The swoops and swirls combine to form a unique ring, that is suitable for a man or a woman.

Our Price: $59.95
Variant Ring Variant Ring

This unique ring can be worn as it is or set with gemstones. Originally designed to be a family ring.

Our Price: $59.95
Monkey Skull Ring Monkey Skull Ring

This piece is shown in sterling silver and has a nice solid weight and feel to it.

Our Price: $64.95
Little Dead Girl Skull Ring Little Dead Girl Skull Ring

It's a fine fashion statement for that special living dead girl.

Our Price: $79.95
Asian style Demon Ring Asian style Demon Ring

You could say I am a fan of devils and demons

Our Price: $89.95
Promise Ring Promise Ring

This ring would make a lovely promise ring or anniversary ring with the 'Two' theme.

Our Price: $89.95
Flower Power Ring Flower Power Ring

I chose one of my best pink tourmalines to make this ring a tribute to hippies, flower power, and... like, peace man

Our Price: $89.95
Volcano Ring Volcano Ring

I love this ring and will be sad to see it go. It was inspired by a dream I had of volcanoes on a tropical island.

Our Price: $89.95
Life and Death Ring Life and Death Ring

The sides of the ring front are two representations of the Green man, who represents nature and life.  And the centre has the figure of a scary skull, which represents the afterlife and death.

Our Price: $119.95
Industrial Texture Ring Industrial Texture Ring

The square-ish top keeps the ring from spinning on the finger and allows it to sit fairly high without catching on things.

Our Price: $129.95
Gothic Gallantry Ring Gothic Gallantry Ring

This is definitely a ring for a child of the night.

Our Price: $129.95
Free Form Ring Free Form Ring

The band is rich with organic free form shapes.

Our Price: $129.95
Ebba Ring Ebba Ring

This is a strong textured industrial ring and because it had such a stong I wanted to give a strong name to match the feel.

Our Price: $129.95
Carnival Ring (with Blue Lace Agate) Carnival Ring (with Blue Lace Agate)

I think the carved lines in the piece running from from to back and top to bottom, make this piece very unique, indeed.

Our Price: $134.95
Wing Ring Wing Ring

It is definitely one of those rings where no one else in the room will have one like it.

Our Price: $149.95
Orc Ring (with two marquis cut Garnets) Orc Ring (with two marquis cut Garnets)

This ring will make a perfect gift for Goths, gamers, and those who love fantasy such as Lord of the Rings. His eyes glow deep red with two beautiful 3.0 mm marquise cut garnets.

Our Price: $149.95
Vertebrae Ring Vertebrae Ring

The original design came about when I decided I fancied a set of vertebrae slave rings on a pair of reptilian steel bracers.

Our Price: $149.95
Heartbreak Hotel Ring Heartbreak Hotel Ring

It's beautiful. It's unique. And everyone who notices it will know just how you feel.

Our Price: $149.95
Carnival Ring (with Rhodochrosite) Carnival Ring (with Rhodochrosite)

This piece is shown with a Rhodochrosite in a sterling setting.  I think the carved lines in the piece running from to back and top to bottom, make this piece very unique, indeed.

Our Price: $149.95
Ganieda Ring Ganieda Ring

This is my version of an industrial classic.

Our Price: $164.95
Timeless Ring (with rhodochrosite) Timeless Ring (with rhodochrosite)

This ring features a 10 x 14mm cabochon set in a fine silver bezel on a sterling silver ring with a total weight of 5.4 grams.

Our Price: $169.95
Goran Ring Goran Ring

It is striking, huge ring which would probably suit a man simply because of its volume.  The name Goran is Serbian, meaning 'mountain man'.

Our Price: $169.95
Amazon Ring Amazon Ring

Regardless on its meaning the ring turned out to be one of my recent favorites and I very pleased with the result.

Our Price: $169.95
Vala Ring (with Pink Tourmaline) Vala Ring (with Pink Tourmaline)

The piece is solid and wide with an accenting stylized V with a 3mm rubilite stone set in the bottom of the V.

Our Price: $189.95
Druid Oak Ring Druid Oak Ring

I love the texture of this piece and I really made the pattern to explore the amount of texture I could impart in it.The texture has very close resemblence to the bark of the Oak Tree.

Our Price: $189.95
Big Flapper Ring (with Snowflake Obsidian) Big Flapper Ring (with Snowflake Obsidian)

I've always liked 'wings' on the bottoms of ring shanks. I particularly like the way this one turned out. This is a big honkin' ring that positively exudes style.

Our Price: $199.95
Big Flapper Ring (with Rhodochrosite) Big Flapper Ring (with Rhodochrosite)

This ring is just striking.  It is pictured with Rhodochrosite but it would adapt to any favourite oval cabochon of your choice.

Our Price: $229.95
Poseidon Ring Poseidon Ring

This ring was inspired by the image of Poseidon's trident.

Our Price: $249.95